Price: ₹800.00

First Session ₹499

Pranjul Somani

Counselling Psychologist Psychotherapist Hypnotherapist Life Coach Special Educator Narrative Therapy Practitioner and Trauma-Informed Specialist

The journey from being an engineer to a counsellor and a therapist has enriched and nourished her in ways. She believes in raising the public's awareness of mental health conditions. She helps people to have a deeper and growing understanding of themselves. She assists those who are confused about their role in life, lost a sense of direction, face difficulty in expressing their emotions, have issues in maintaining the relations. She aims to facilitate therapy to as many as she can. Her mission is to attain balance & harmony between mind, body, and soul. Her qualities include kindness, empathy, motivation, compassionate listening, passion, and motivation. "Don't be afraid of making mistakes, mistakes are the best resource of experiencing and learning"

Work Experience: 4 Years

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, 560061

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