Price: ₹3000.00

First Session ₹499


Counselling Psychologist Counsellor Hypnotherapist

A qualified counsellor with proven experience supporting clients in the workplace and in educational settings. Sound knowledge of theoretical counselling approaches and their application to real-world settings, having a special interest in behavioural therapy,hypnotheraphy,Reiki master, Access bars practioner and integrative couselling. Areas of expertise include bereavement and bullying, I specialised in stress management, increasing self-esteem and building up resiliency to emotional issues. I also help people overcome their anger issues ,fears, and anxieties. My motto is LOVE—-LET OUR VALUES ENDURE. Keeping in mind the current generation I feel that the need of the hour is True Compassion backed with a strong value system.People have forgotten to be happy in today’s competitive life and are more stressed,hampering their growth and personality,I lead them to their goals and dreams using all the skills and behavioural therapies to achieve success and make the next generation strong. I am also a marathon runner ,ran several half marathons,one of the famous one is Satara Hill Run which has Guinness word record recognition and seeking a great interest in Vedanta,have been studying different upnishads under Swami Dayanand Saraswati ‘s disciple Shri Shravan Kumarji.

Work Experience: 13 Years

Mumbai, maharashtra, india, 400053

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